Tuesday 5/5 - PM


That's a solid pitching staff right there. Jim Bowden and Jose Rijo were stealing money from the Natinals, considering their efforts in putting together a bullpen. I mean, Kip Wells is seriously the best option right now?

Using the World Series Game last year as precedent, I assume the Nats wager gets graded as a push once they call the game?

710p Atlanta -115 2x
815p Philadelphia +121 2x
815p PHL/STL u8.5 +114 2x
1010p Arizona +112 3x

I decided the Phils side was good, too. It'll be real good when Myers can't get out of the second inning.

As usual, I'll add these later tonight. Too much going on to look right now.

Streak for the Cash
710p Atlanta vs. Mets
Current Streak: 0

Early on, there are a couple different options, but if I feel good enough to bet on Atlanta at -115, I should feel good enough to play them in Streak.

For late night, Jason Kidd averages 8.7 apg and the line sits at Denver -6.5 -108, while Detroit is -127 to beat Anaheim in the late hockey game. Using the half point calculator, Denver would be -8.5 +130.2. It's close as to which is better, but after adjusting for juice, I think JKidd is the better option.


JBD said...

7 runs in the 10th inning...how am I not surprised?