Thursday 5/7 - PM

At least that total came close to hitting.

705p Cleveland +153 2x
805p Houston +135 2x
1010p Washington +138 2x

I'd like to play Zimmermann for a triple, but, pending the A's, I only have 14x left.

Streak for the Cash
805p Chicago vs. Vancouver
Current Streak: 1

I doubt the hockey game will be over in time or I'll still be awake, but if it is and I was, I'd take Aaron Hill in the late prop.

(UPDATE: Or, you could do the safe, smart thing and take the Wings.)


MoneyLine said...

"I'd take Aaron Hill in the late prop. "

You think he is better than -130?

am19psu said...

I'm really not sure what to make of Hill's SLG. Abreu is slightly under his projection and he's old, so that makes sense. I don't think Hill is .567, obviously, but I also think his projections are probably low, since he's only 3 HRs short of his season projection (CHONE). Clearly, he has benefited from an absurd BABIP, but he also looks "better." Plus, Hill hits three spots higher in the lineup.

All that said, I think E(Hill) > E(Abreu), but I wouldn't even know where to begin to put a standard deviation on them and have no idea if Hill is really better than 55% to win the prop.

MoneyLine said...

I only ask because the Red Wings are -140 in the late hockey game, and thus I was curious why you'd hypothetically choose Hill over them.

am19psu said...

Because I am tired and not paying attention to detail?