Sunday 5/3

Is anyone surprised that it took a complete game from the starting pitcher for the Nats to win a game? I'm looking forward to giving away last night's profits today.

107p Baltimore +116 2x
135p Washington +114 3x
205p Arizona +131 2x
405p Colorado +109 2x
410p Oakland +119 2x

When does Washington stop being an automatic play? In a related question, if I were a gambler in 1988 at the age of 7, how much money would I have lost on the Baltimore Orioles?

Streak for the Cash
730p Boston vs. Carolina
Current Streak: 0

I don't see anything remotely close to playable until the hockey game tonight. The Bruins are -196 at Pinny.

Good luck today.


Anonymous said...

"When does Washington stop being an automatic play?"

When they get rained out?