Leans 5/4

That was one of my most painful gambling days I can remember. Losing every baseball game by one run plus having my streak shattered really sucks.

7p ATL (Vazquez) -113 vs. NYM (Maine)
705p WAS (Lannan) -136 vs. HOU (Moehler)
705p MIN (Liriano) +117 @ DET (Jackson)
707p CLE (Carmona) +105 @ TOR (Tallet)
1005p COL (De La Rosa) -115 @ SD (Correia)
1010p ARZ (Davis) +124 @ LAD (Stults)

Who are they trying to kid with the Natinals line?

Streak for the Cash
245p Empoli (win or draw) vs. Bari (Italian Serie B)
Current Streak: 1

Unless the line changes, I'll be on Empoli win or draw this afternoon. Right now they are about 53.5% juice adjusted, which is very little edge, but whatever, I'm at zero.