Saturday 5/9 - AM

Wow, a winning day. How did that happen?

UPDATE (12p): Flip it. I'm bored and going to Atlantic City for the day.

405p Oakland -103 2x
705p Balitmore +138 2x
710p Cincinnati +100 2x
810p Colorado +117 2x
Pass: PIT/NYM o9

705p BAL (Eaton) +146 vs. NYY (Hughes)
710p CIN (Harang) +101 vs. STL (Lohse)
810p COL (De La Rosa) 109 vs. FLA (Johnson)

Would it be square of me to fade Saunders with Grienke? I mean, he has to be greater than 55% to win, doesn't he?

None of the totals look all that great to me at the moment. I was hoping the LAA/KC and SEA/MIN totals would have been higher. Clearly the books don't want to mess around with those pitching matchups.

Streak for the Cash
925a K. Perry over P. Harrington (TPC Sawgrass - Front 9)
505p Dallas vs. Denver
Current Streak: 0

The only reason this post is going up now is because of early SFTC action. Perry is a -120/+100 favorite at 5Dimes, so the edge is slight, but again I want to maximize my plays.

I'd like to play the Tiger total, then move on to Dallas, grab Mo Williams, and finish with Vancouver, but I think that is unlikely to happen. More likely, I'll end up with Boston-Minny-Vancouver.


Vegas Watch said...

"Would it be square of me to fade Saunders with Grienke?"

Judging by the following sentence: yes.

am19psu said...

Does my sarcasm not translate well?

Vegas Watch said...

Not to me after just waking up, at least. It's not like fading Joe Saunders is some foreign, hilarious idea.

am19psu said...

No, but it's not like I am a well-known handicapper either. It probably could have been worded better.