Monday 5/18 - AM

There are two more posts scheduled to go up today while I'm at work, so I'll keep this one short.

105p White Sox +155 2x

This is a straight Richmond fade. The Yankees knocked him around in his last start, but otherwise has been significantly outpitching projections.

705p WAS (Detweiler) -114 vs. PIT (Ohlendorf)
705p OAK (Gallagher) +134 @ TB (Niemann)
705p MIN (Perkins) +152 @ NYY (Pettitte)

Seattle and Colorado are OTB this morning, but their consensus numbers are interesting.

Streak for the Cash
3p Sunderland (win or draw) @ Portsmouth (EPL)
Current Streak: 5

I was expecting to pass everything this afternoon with my streak at 5, but Sunderland is about 60% to win or draw after adjusting for juice.