Friday 5/15

This is a bit ridiculous. I've had many Saturday college football and college hoops cards smaller than this. Way smaller than this. Still, value is value. When I am literally broke tomorrow morning, everyone can laugh.

705p Washington +102 2x
705p PHL/WAS u10 +110 2x
705p Colorado +100 2x
705p MIN/NYY u10.5 +11 2x
705p White Sox +116 2x
705p Oakland +140 3x
710p Arizona +171 2x
710p ARZ/ATL o8.5 +105 2x
735p Cleveland +152 2x
735p CLE/TB u10 +113 2x
805p Texas (Millwood) 3x
810p Baltimore +214 2x
815p Milwaukee (Gallerdo) 2x
1010p Seattle +150 2x
1010p BOS/SEA u9 +100 2x

That's fifteen thirteen wagers in one night of baseball. My life is going to be consumed by tonight.

UPDATE 610p: I cross-checked my wagers at SIA (again, I'll post about this later). Decided against Texas and the Brew Crew.

I'm not even going to worry about leans. I'm assuming that tomorrow's card will be heavy, but probably not this extreme.

Streak for the Cash
805p Texas vs. Angels
Current Streak: 1

I'm retarded and forgot to put Colorado in. Whatever. Good luck. We're going to need it.


Vegas Watch said...

Why do you grade plays as losers before the outcome is decided? What exactly is the point?

am19psu said...

Because I am half paying attention trying to teach the fiancee how to play blackjack.

am19psu said...

At least for the CLE/TB game specifically. Usually when I do it, I am doing a personal reverse jinx.

Jonny said...

I don't care what that link says, Gavin Floyd will always be overrated. Fucking Floyd.

Vegas Watch said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but did you really get 10 on the BOS/SEA total? I don't think that # ever got that high.

am19psu said...

Fuck me. It was 9. Idiot.