Friday 5/15 - AM

Today could be extremely painful.

220p Houston +149 2x

I hadn't expected the 'Stros to be this anti-public this morning. That's a trend throughout the league today.

The whole flipping card. Unless there is a Wagerline error, just about every game is playable in some way. I originally had WAS, ARZ, SF, TEX, BAL, SEA written down, but that wasn't even close as a first guess. If I was forced to put in tonight's card right now, it would probably have eight sides (WAS, ARZ, MIL, CHW, OAK, CLE, TEX, SEA) and four totals (PHL/WAS under, ARZ/ATL over, CLE/TB under, BOS/SEA under). I'm extremely interested to see how the consensus numbers change through the day.

Streak for the Cash
855a C. Hoffman over J. Ogilvie (Texas Open - Front 9)
135p T. Clark over J. Mallinger (Texas Open)
Current Streak: 0

Adjusting Bodog's 3-ball lines for these two, Hoffman ends up as an almost 3-to-2 favorite over Ogilvie for the whole round. It's a pretty easy pick here.

Later, the soccer game is a toss-up and I can't find a total anywhere for the rugby match. Leeds is favored by 12, so I'm guessing from what little I know about Rugby, that the over is the right play. Soriano would be a decent favorite over Pence for total bases and Clark is an adjusted 54-46 favorite in the golf match. Basically, I have no idea what I am going to do this afternoon. It could be any of the non-soccer matches.

Good luck.


Jonny said...

For the record, I'm appalled you wake up before 5am. Secondly, we are fucked tonight.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Question: how reliable, exactly, is Wagerline? Isn't that site people just making their picks for "contests," i.e., they're not betting real money?

I ask because I came upon another site, which claims to track online betting:

They have STL/MIL as 50/50 action, while Wagerline has a 60/40 split in favor of STL.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if you check that site now, it has a 60/40 split in favor of MIL.

am19psu said...

For the record, I'm appalled you wake up before 5am. Secondly, we are fucked tonight.

For the record, you're still in college. I'm appalled you wake up before 8am. Secondly, I agree wholeheartedly.

I'll write a front page post about anon's comments either tonight or tomorrow.