Saturday 5/16 - AM

I forgot to post this earlier in the week, but here are some underrated pitchers from BtB.

I'll have a short Preakness post in between baseball plays today. Not that anyone cares.

105p Washington (Gm 1) +117 2x
105p PHL/WAS (Gm 1) u10 +110 2x
105p White Sox +117 2x
410p San Francisco +167 2x
410p Cleveland +157 2x

Playing thirteen games was a disaster last night. Looks like more of the same today.

7p ARZ (Scherzer) +123 @ ATL (Kawakami)
7p ARZ (Scherzer)/ ATL (Kawakami) o8.5
705p WAS (Cabrera) (Gm 2) vs. PHL (Carpenter)
705p OAK (Braden) +124 @ DET (Porcello)
1005p SD (Geer) +118 vs. CIN (Volquez)
1005p SD (Geer)/CIN (Volquez) u7.5
1010p SEA (Olson) +142 vs. BOS (Beckett)

Braden vs. Porcello: Worst pitching matchup of the year? The Fathers/Reds total is pretty abusrd.

Streak for the Cash
10a Fulham (win or draw) vs. Newcastle United (EPL)
105p Cubs vs. Astros
Current Streak: 3

I'm only playing Fulham because it's there. Cube and Texas later for the same reason.


am19psu said...

Here, let me put this in the right thread for you:

Jonny said...

I don't care what that link says, Gavin Floyd will always be overrated. Fucking Floyd.
10:33 AM

I agree with you, but really the link is only saying he shouldn't be god awful suck, just below average.

Jonny said...

Wasn't really commenting to make a point. Just saying I fucking hate Gavin Floyd. Last year would tell you why.

Since I no longer have my data, I'm guessing when I say I may have won money off him last year, but I still hate him.