Thursday 4/30

I should have guessed after having a good week last week, I would start this one down 8.8x. At least I won't lose any other money this weekend.

705p Washington +107 3x
805p Arizona -103 2x
1010p San Diego +143 2x

The Saw brought up a good point this afternoon. Most people don't know a whole lot about the pitchers tonight. I only knew them in passing, certainly not enough to influence my bet. Geer was projected to have a bit better year and has better peripherals, but McDonald gets run support from the Dodgers. It's not like this influenced my decision any, but it was nice to know.

I don't have enough knowledge/confidence in huge baseball spreads yet, but doesn't that CHC -266 look like it's asking for action on the Fish?

Streak for the Cash
705p Chicago vs. Boston
Current Streak: 3

I'll take the three points. Hell, if I played the NBA, I would actually play the Bulls tonight. I'll be on the Blazer/Rocket under as well, if I can stay up, unlike the last two nights.

The Bulls game isn't going to be over in time. Lean is to Padres' runs in the late prop, but I'm just passing.

Good luck tonight.