Leans 4/30

Another fantastic night last night in bases that didn't have to be. Cleveland's bullpen is really starting to get to me.

Oh, and I'm still soliciting pony advice.

705p WAS (Cabrera) +113 vs. STL (Boggs)
1010p SD (Geer) +135 @ LAD (McDonald)

The early line tells me a lot about what the books think about the Cards.

Streak for the Cash
740a R. Goosen lower score than A. Cabrera (Quail Hollow - Front 9)
1250a P. Mickelson lower score than A. Kim (Quail Hollow)
Current Streak: 2

I didn't even consult the Saw on this one. Goosen used to be a big name, but Cabrera is just coming off a Masters win. 99% of the time, some book out there is offering the prop that ESPN puts up, and there is a near zero chance that a book put this line out there looking for Goosen action.

For the rest of the day, both soccer matches and the baseball games are coin flips as best I can tell. I imagine I'll be on Kim later, but I'll check with the Saw before proceeding.


moneyline said...

I'm the biggest AK fan around, but Phil is definitely the pick in streak today (if you go the golf route). -120 at Pinny despite the fact that Kimmy Gibler is the defending champ.