Thursday 4/16 - PM

I can't really complain about anything yet today. Let's see if Furyk can collapse and completely ruin these two bets like Percival did yesterday.

705p Washington +124 2x
1005p San Francisco +163 2x

These Washington lines are getting out of hand. Obviously, the books still believe in them, so I guess I will, too, just like I did with West Virginia and UCLA.

105p CLE (Reyes) +194 @ NYY (Chamberlain)

I haven't quite figured out how to deal with these large lines yet. If the books wanted to play it safe, at -210/+190, they would be aiming for 67/33 splits to just win off the juice over time. I'm not sure what represents "public" or a "trap number" at spreads like that.

Streak for the Cash
Current Streak: 7

I'm not sold on anything in Streak, yet. At a lower streak, I would probably play Toronto followed by the hockey under. I still might try under 5.5, but I want to see how, if at all, the line moves.

Good luck tonight.


rexfordbuzzsaw said...

Assuming it is 18 holes, play Casey over Dustin Johnson.