Friday 4/17 - AM

I'm going to pass the two early games. Nothing really excites me there. I'll probably regret Cleveland this afternoon.

705p WAS (Lannan) +116 vs. FLA (Nolasco)
705p PIT (Maholm) +103 vs. ATL (Jurrjens)
705p OAK (Outman) +115 @ TOR (Purcey)
705p BAL (Guthrie) +136 @ BOS (Penny)
710p MIL (Bush) +110 @ NYM (Hernandez)
805p KC (Meche) -106 @ TEX (Harrison)
1010p COL (De La Rosa) +135 @ LAD (Wolf)

Sadly, I can't see any way that the Brewers, Rox, A's, and Nats aren't on my card. The other three will have to be re-evaluated tonight.

Streak for the Cash
110p Casey lower score than D. Johnson
Current Streak: 8

The morning matchup is a coinflip, and I have no idea on the Yankees prop. But the afternoon golf matchup is pretty nice. The Saw keeps a running ranking of the world's golfers. In it, you'll see Casey ranked 13th and Johnson no where to be found. The Saw estimates a line on this prop would be something like -175 or -200, so I'll bite and try to run the streak to eight.

Good luck today.


JBD said...

I keep bringing up the same type of games it seems only because they are left off of your lists. I totally agree on Col / Mil / Oak / Was.

Other play I'm throwing in there is Minnesota. Thoughts?

Gamblor said...

Playing CLE despite the fact I am on Reyes and the other folks get Joba.

Life is too short to regret losing 1x.

am19psu said...


In general, I try to hold off on anti-pub chalk until later in the season, but I honestly don't know how to deal with it in a moneyline sport. So, I've been ignoring them for the most part.

Anonymous said...

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