Thursday 4/16 - AM

I should have just canceled the late night bets after the Rays put in Troy Percival to blow it yesterday. There was zero chance of anything else coming in.

105p Cleveland +177 2x

When Cliff Lee leaves with a shoulder problem in the 3rd inning, I am not going to be happy.

705p WAS (Martis) +125 vs. PHL (Blanton)
1005p SF (Zito) +135 @ LAD (Stults)

Here are two things I don't want to back: Washington and Barry Zito. That should make for an optimistic evening.

Streak for the Cash
820a Johnson/Immelman over Villegas (PGA Verizon Heritage - Front 9)
100p Furyk over Baddeley (PGA Verizon Heritage)
Current Streak: 7

Using numbers from Bodog, I've got Johnson/Immelman at 61.4% JA to win this prop. In the afternoon, The Saw would have Furyk at -150, which is good enough for me*.

Good luck today.

*-Depending on others' posts this morning, I may audible off Furyk on to the soccer under.


Anonymous said...

The soccer under is probably not as good as it seems since the streak includes extra time, while the odds at every book reflect 90 minutes + injury time I believe.

Anonymous said...

The only way the match would go to extra time is if it is tied 0-0 anyway so that shouldn't matter. If the score is 1-1 (or 2-2, etc.) after 90 min + injury time, PSG would win b/c of the away goals rule.

JBD said...

I think the White Sox -107 is worth a look tonight.

am19psu said...

I really don't understand what the two anons said (injury time =! extra time?; away goals rule?), but I'm happy they scared me off the game.