Wednesday 4/15 - PM

Happy I passed everything in Streak this afternoon. I still don't know about the tennis side; with Safin at -155, was it highly probable he wouldn't win convincingly in straight sets? I have no idea. The soccer side was garbage from the start.

705p San Diego +174 2x
1005p San Francisco +148 2x

I would have been on the Nats, but it's already been postponed. I'm surprised that the Padres are as anti-public as they are against Perez. It's not like that guy is a Cy Young candidate. Also, Cain, apparently, is a bit underrated, which is nice.

1210p FLA (Sanchez) +124 @ ATL (Kawakami)
105p CLE (Lee) +175 @ NYY (Sabathia)

I may not be around tomorrow morning to post plays because Blogger has a scheduled outage at 5a EDT. I'll still post the picks over at RMMB if for some strange reason you are trailing me.

Streak for the Cash
1030p Portland vs. Denver
Current Streak: 5

The two best plays are late at night. The Canucks/Blues under is -179, if the half point calculator is to be believed for hockey totals. However, Portland is an amazing -285 on the moneyline at Pinnacle. That's almost as good as last night's lottery pick. I don't really see a reason to take a coin flip early with Portland such a good selection later. Hopefully Streak puts together a better card tomorrow.


am19psu said...

Nice job, Rays bullpen.

ilike#s said...

are you stoked about hockey playoffs?!?!?! someday i will have to learn the rules?

rexfordbuzzsaw said...

How are you getting the Marlins as a lean. I see Wagerline as slightly favoring the Braves, but they are favorites in the game. Take into account they kicked the crap out of the Braves the past two days and are in first in the division and I have a small but unplayable lean to the Braves.

oplm said...

Portland was a sure thing; they were playing for homecourt and Denver had 2nd on lock down. 20 games or more (there were 34) and Man U winning were both sure bets too imo. today was really good, tomorrow looks awful to me.

am19psu said...

How are you getting the Marlins as a lean.

Poorly slicing? I still kinda suck at picking baseball sides.