Record Update - 19 April 2009

I love it when I say things like this to jinx myself:

I haven't lost a lot of money this weekend, so far...

Was anything other than 0-3 going to happen after I made that comment?

Not the best of weeks, though going 1-7 on the Nats and Rox really didn't help things. Those two teams are just flat garbage. Garbage that I will continue to bet on until the books start setting lines that are reasonable.

For anyone that is curious, I am 2-3 +2x on hockey wagers for the year. Woo.

I don't have any early leans. The only early game is the Patriots' Day contest at Fenway, and I doubt the 2/1 line will generate much public action. Of course, you know I'll be on the Nats +137 tomorrow night. Awesome.