Sunday 4/19

Look, I get enough to traffic to get spammed now. How cute.

I haven't lost a lot of money this weekend, so far, but the results have been maddening. Washington's collapse yesterday is just par for the course for their season. I don't think I'll get those seven points for the over in Vegas' pool.

For effect, here is the Nats' win probability from yesterday.

105p Oakland +110 2x
135p Washington +140 2x - Un-flipping-believable again
410p Colorado +116 2x

I think I am just going to bet on Washington every day until they go on a three game winning streak. I bypassed a few Wagerline teams to get to Colorado. A combination of large lines and liking Ubaldo got me to the Rox.

I'll put leans up tonight in my record update post.

Streak for the Cash
906a McIlroy over Durant (Verizon Heritage - Front 9)
110p Mets vs. Milwaukee
535p Iguodala more points, assists and rebounds than Turkoglu
1035p Paul more points than Anthony
Current Streak: 1

Ideally, the rest of the day will look like this: Giants, Blues, Paul. If the NYM/MIL game runs long, I'll probably end up with Iguodala and the Cubs. There isn't a whole lot of edge in the "ideal" games, but I'm obviously putting value on the added volume, which I think is correct at a low streak.

Paul is pretty clearly a coin flip (they both averaged 22.8 ppg this year). I don't know enough about the NBA to say whose defense is better so I am just picking somebody.

Good luck today.