Record Update - 23 March 2009


Holy crap! Did I forget how to gamble this week?

I still think the best way to have a chance to win your tournament bracket every year -- after the research the NCAA does putting the brackets together -- is to take the team with the better seed in every game. That wouldn't be as fun, but it would give you the best shot to win.
Well, I guess if Peter King says it, it has to be true. I'm done with this contrarian (stuff).

In other news, I'm passing everything in the NIT/CBI/CIT tonight. I really don't care and I'm depressed after making the above graph.

Streak for Cash
7p Creighton vs. Kentucky (NIT)
1130p St Mary's vs. Davidson (NIT)
Current Streak: 1

I guess I'll take the anti-pub chalk tonight. Whatever.


ilike#s said...

that graph is sick (and not in the way the kids mean it)