Leans 3/17

I don't remember playing the NIT heavily the last few years, but I think there is value in some of the lines this year. When I'm 1-7 -12x heading into the tournament, everyone can laugh at me.

7p SoCar -3.5 vs. Davidson
7p Niagara -4 vs. URI
8p Mason +6 @ PSU
9p UAB +5.5 @ ND
10p NMex -8 vs. Neb
11p Wazzu +4.5 @ Marys

With only 13 games on the card, that seems like too many leans and probably too much chalk. UAB and Wazzu are the only sure bets on there.

Streak for Cash
1030a Newry (win or draw) vs. Institute (Irish Premier League)
345p Arsenal/Hull City O3.5 (FA Cup)
Current Streak: 0

I couldn't even find this game at Pinnacle; I had to go to Sportsbook to get some lines. Assuming they know what they are talking about - and it's the Irish Premier League, why wouldn't they - SB gives Newry a 67.8% chance of winning or drawing. I feel like I should have typed that up as drawring just to get the proper English pronunciation. Also, I'm sure there will be no drinking or fighting at this match today.

I threw the other soccer over in at work. Like it really matters with my awful streak.


Tonto Kowalski said...

Instead of posting the win/draw option, I was hoping an over/under of pissdrunk fans running onto the pitch was going to be the Progressive Matchup of the Day.