Tuesday 3/17

The NIT kicks off tonight with a couple of decent tilts. I went back and looked at my data from last year and I didn't play a single game in the JV set. Hopefully, contrarianism still works.

Also, Matchbook's new rake policy has gone into effect. Make sure you update your if statements in Excel accordingly.

8p George Mason +5.5 -101 2x
9p UAB +6 +103 2x
10p New Mexico -7.5 -101 2x
11p Washington State +4 +101 3x

Everything is pretty straightforward here. It amazes me every year how much name recognition matters this late in the season.

Streak for Cash
7p South Carolina vs. Davidson (NIT)
11p St. Mary's vs. Washington State (NIT)
Current Streak: 1

Why is Davidson, a team that lost three games in the Southern Conference and a 3.5 point dog, receiving 70% of streakers' action?

I didn't even get the chance to play the under. Oh well. I'm hoping for a nice middle out west. I'm sure that will happen.