Wednesday 2/11

This has been a horrible week so far. I'm sure betting on teams like NC State and St. John's will improve that.

Earlies (630p-759p)
7p NC State +5.5 -106 3x
7p Dayton +2.5 +102 2x
7p Toledo +4 +103 2x
730p St. John's +8.5 +101 2x

Passes: Purdue, W Carolina, Ind St, Fordham

Nightcaps (8p-12a)
8p SMU +7 -102 2x
9p Charlotte +3 +104 3x
9p Baylor +3.5 +103 3x
9p Duke +1.5 +112 3x
10p Air Force +12 +114 2x

Passes: Miss St, Rice

Apparently, I am the only one who saw a lot of contrarian sides tonight. I'm sure I'm just flawed somewhere in my thinking. Good luck tonight.


Sham said...

Air Force only lost by 10.