Leans 2/11

Running short on time on a big Wednesday card. Who could have guessed? I have a feeling there will be greater than three 3x plays tonight. I'll be going through these shorthand.

Stronger Leans
9p Charlotte +3.5
730p Johns +8.5
830p Wisky -11
7p Uconn -11
9p Baylor +3.5
7p Dayton +3.5
7p Ind St +2.5
9p Duke +1.5
8p Meth +8
7p NCSU +5.5
8p Rice +5
7p Toledo +4
10p AFA +12

Weaker Leans
7p Ga St +3
730p Colo +5.5
8p Tulsa
10p SDSU +5
8p SoIll +5.5
9p K-St -11.5
630p Purdue -11
7p Fordham +10

Ugh, that's a lot of games. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out tonight.


ilike#s said...

i put up a table that reiterates what you and Moneyline have been referring to.

it has provoked lots of ideas that i hope to express soon