Saturday 2/28

A couple of things here before I get into the picks:

  • I edited last night's post. VoTech and the Mormons were the only leans I added this morning. Everything else about the leans is the same. Well, almost. Apparently, I have a difficult time going from PST to EST when inebriated. There were some major time errors on the post. I've fixed them this morning
  • My fiancee requested that I act like a real, honest-to-goodness boyfriend today. Rather than telling her to go make me a sammich, I relented and have non-degenerate things to do today. Why do you care? I'll only be putting picks up twice today, once in the morning and the other around 6p.

Earlies (12p-559p)

12p Cleveland State +7 -108 2x
2p Virginia +7 -102 2x
330p Virginia Tech +5.5 -111 2x
330p Texas Tech +9 -119 2x
4p Purdue -10 -102 2x
4p Kentucky -4.5 +101 2x
5p Washington State +1 +104 3x
Passes: GTown, Depaul, ND

Nightcaps (6p-12a)
730p San Diego +9.5 -108 2x
830p Seton Hall +10 +102 2x
830p TCU +4 -110 2x
Passes: Okie St, Cal, Vandy

Be careful. The Cougs/Devils game is at the end of the card today, for whatever reason. I almost missed it.

I'm not particularly excited about these late games. I'm just hoping to turn a small profit today.

Good luck tonight.


moneyline said...

"The Cougs/Devils game is at the end of the card today, for whatever reason"

Wish I had came to visit earlier today. Just spent 20 fucking minutes locating that game at Olympic.

Eric said...

Wow, just saw the Duke highlights. What does somebody on that team need to do to get called for a walk? Unreal.