Leans 3/1

Today was terrible. I really don't understand the enormous variance in college buckets.

It's funny to me how much more WVU is favored over USF in Tampa than either GTown or Marquette was favored.

Let's see if I can convert PST to EST a little bit better tonight.

12p L'ville -8.5 vs. Marq
2p Mizz +4.5 @ KU
2p Rutg +2 vs. Provo
330p Duq -1 vs. URI
10p Ore -2 vs. Ore St
4p Ill -1 vs. Sparty

Note: Again, for whatever reason, they put Ill/Sparty at the end of the card.

That's a bit more chalk than I like. Nothing really stands out as a must play tomorrow.


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