Leans 2/1

I was expecting the chalk to be a bit more contrarian tomorrow. Knowing something about PSU, I expect to on Sparty tomorrow anyway.

Mizz St +10 @ Crate (or Cr8t, which is terrible)
USF +3 @ Johns
Duke -22.5 vs. UVa
Nova -12 vs. Cincy
Sparty -12.5 vs. PSU

I'm so pissed after reading what happened to Fresblow. Assholes.

I hate being on the same side as Simmons. I'm really hoping I can find more reasons to pass this tomorrow.

Pittsburgh -6.5

Do you have to consider tomorrow's game a home game for the Hypercycloids?


Eric said...

I've thought about it some more and decided it should just be CR8.