Friday 2/13

I was really hoping that I would come up with something funny or interesting to write about between now and when I actually posted this play:

9p West Virginia -4.5 -103 3x
Pass: UIC

The only mildly amusing thing was that I read this morning's leans post and saw what poor vocabulary and sentence structure I have before 6a (well, at least worse than normal). Writing that crappy probably would make me a god at Covers.


Poop Bandit said...

You really need more smiley's to be a god at covers. Maybe a clanging of beer mugs after every pick? I apologize in advance if this doesn't make sense because I have been drinking for a while.

Also, I love the contrarian theory posts.

am19psu said...

Ha! I had a clanging beer mugs joke in the original draft of this post, but figured it was overkill.

Maggie said...

go mountaineers!