Wednesday 1/8

Well, this ought to be neat. After a solid three day run back on the East Coast, yesterday blew ass. How did I respond? By putting 22x in play (roughly half my bankroll). Good for me.

7p Florida Intl +6 +102 3x
8p Detroit +5 +105 2x
8p UL Monroe +6 -101 2x
830p Arizona -10 +102 3x
9p San Jose State +2.5 +106 3x
10p Washington State -2 -106 3x
1030p Washington -7 +100 2x
1030p Arizona State -21 +127 2x

815p Oklahoma +5 -106 2x

The fact that the line has begun to fall again is what finally sold me on the Sooners. My (complete and utter) guess is public money drove the line up initially after the Fiesta Bowl, and now sharps are knocking it back down. I still don't really like this play, but I think it is right.