Wednesday 12/24

Headed out for the holiday and I won't have access to a computer until tomorrow. If you noticed, Hawaii dropped off the leans list yesterday. As ML explains, there is no contrarian angle here. I haven't had time to look over the buckets card and I am already running late, so it is an off day for me. Good luck if you play anything.


Vegas Watch said...

Don't worry, there is no buckets card. UConn plays on Friday night but that's it until Saturday.

ilike#s said...

i have compiled a lot of that NCAAF data from the last 3 years that you were interested in. it is not as successful as hoped. also, i have just started up a blog and would love your input.

ilike#s said...

actually i would like to learn from you. my expertise is more in genomic analysis so i am trying to get into this modeling more as an outsider. so far i have spent most of my time trying to determine the stats that are most predictive to future results and also how to use them.

i have yet to set up Monte Carlo and all that. I am still in the infancy stages really but just really interested.

I am just a lurker at RMMB

ilike#s said...

i wanted to know how accurate you felt Pomeroy is for NCAA? his method in general?