Friday 12/26

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I spent part of mine eating dinner at a Pennsylvania Turnpike Sbarro, so that was kind of different. Fortunately, I always have gambling and alcohol to make me feel better about myself.*

Florida Atlantic +7 +100 2x

If I happen to ditch this post-holiday bout of lethargy, I might get one of those theory posts up tonight.

*Just making sure everyone knows that last sentence was sarcastic. It's hard to get that across in the written word.


Eric said...

Careful with those PA turnpike Sbarro's. Sbarro sucks as it is, but at those terrible rest stops...I shudder to think about eating it. Not to mention the people crawling around those rest stops.

I can't wait to traverse the same stretches of highway on Sunday.

am19psu said...

No. Kidding.

I was starving when I got to Harrisburg and naturally, the only restaurant at that rest area was Sbarro.

Nothing quite as uplifting as enjoying (note: not enjoying) Sbarro by yourself on Christmas night.

Thanks, boss, for making me work on the 26th.

am19psu said...

Did I bet on Central Michigan by accident? Or does Andy Reid coach them?

am19psu said...


Eric said...

Seriously? Only Sbarro? I mean, most of those rest stops have a Cinnabon or Nathan's. Roy Rogers feels like a treat on the PA turnpike.

A buddy of mine used to swear by a chicken joint off the Lebanon-Lancaster exit. It wasn't a rest stop, but he would always stop there. Being from PA is so cool.

am19psu said...

I strongly recommend avoiding the rest stop at Mile 250EB.