Sunday 12/21

I had another decent day yesterday. Maybe I remembered how to wager intelligently? I'll go with Option B: Variance.

Early Games

Detroit +7 -103 2x
Cleveland -3 +116 2x
New England -7.5 2x

Passes: Tennessee, New England

Detroit was nearly upgraded to a 3x play. I still might drop another 1x on it.

For Cleveland, -3 +116 is slightly better than -2.5 -108. Plus, I'm a juice whore.

I changed my mind on New England and bought it back. The more I look into it, the less I like it. Really the only metric that makes them appealing is Wagerline. Every other consensus number I can find is bad.

Tennessee didn't make the cut for line movement reasons.

Late Games

Washington +5 -102 2x
Oakland +7 +104 2x

Pittsburgh -7 +104 1x


Southern Miss +4.5 -101 2x

Going by straight numbers, this is a better play than either Colo St or Rizo was yesterday. For some reason, I feel much less confident in the Eagles.

Good luck today.


am19psu said...

Solid list of passes there today. Good job, me.