Review of Week 16

I actually have nothing to bitch about this week. I wish I had seen the Lions had the flu before I put my wager in, but the line didn't react to it, so if anything, it probably made them more attractive.

VCU +13 @ Oklahoma 1x
Pittsburgh -7 @ Florida State 1x
Providence +5 @ Boston College 1x

What did happen was that I backdoored two and a half games in two days. I fully expect that karma will bite me in the ass and I will lose my next ten basketball wagers. VCU was down 18 with under two to play, Pitt needed a 8-0 run to close out the game to cover, and I'd love to know what happened in the Providence game, but Yahoo went on the fritz. I know I was confused when Matchbook graded it a tie on Saturday.

I'll be on TCU tomorrow, most likely for a triple. As VW pointed out, Santa Clara and Wisky will be must plays on the buckets side.