Review of Week 14

Wow, I actually had a positive week. I forget how to locate the green button.

Buffalo +15 vs. Ball State
Thanks to this game and Tulsa losing the C-USA championship game, the GMAC Bowl should be a treat.

UConn -2.5 vs. Pitt

If Tyler Lorenzen ever takes another snap, it will be too soon. I'm pretty sure my old ass would be more accurate than that guy.

Army +10.5 vs. Navy
Although I would make the play again tomorrow, this one never had a shot.

Florida -10 vs. Alabama
When I am driving around on a Saturday night, I would much rather listen to Eagles' pregame than the SEC Championship Game. Thanks ESPN Radio-Philadelphia!

Hawaii +7.5 vs. Cincinnati

Good teams always play like hell on the island the last game of the year [/square]

Arkansas State +12 @ Troy

Troy apparently went up and down the field on the Red Wolves. I have no idea if this is true.

Jacksonville +6.5 @ Chicago

How's that $72 million extension working out for you, Dave? Asshole.

Houston +6 @ Green Bay
Matt Schaub >> Sage Rosenfels. Much.

Seattle +7 vs. New England
This is one of the few times I can remember square money inflating a line. Thanks, guys!

San Francisco +4.5 vs. NY Jets

Now that is the Brett Favre everyone knows and loves.


Hambone said...

Agreed on Army. I would play it the same way every time, but after about 20 minutes of watching that game, I was not holding out any hope.

am19psu said...

Yeah, at least it wasn't stressful.

Thanks for stopping by.