Leans - NFL Week 16 and Bowls

Passing the entire NCAAB slate. I didn't get a whole lot of time to look at anything again and there are no games that jump right out at me. There is no need to force anything before conference season starts up.

I haven't seen a whole lot of other respectable gambler's leans yet, but I am a bit surprised that there is this much chalk on my current card. I checked my plays from the last two years and I only played three and two favorites respectively. This isn't troubling because as I've talked about recently, I think there is some upside to anti-pub chalk (even though Moneyline has some reservations).

Bowl Leans will be updated next Tuesday, NFL Leans Friday.

Strong Leans

Arizona -3 vs. BYU (12/20)
Colo St +3 vs. Fresno (12/20)
TCU -2.5 vs. Boise (12/23)
Oregon +3 vs. Okla St (12/30)
Nevada -1.5 vs. Maryland (12/30)
Mich St +7.5 vs. Georgia (1/1)
Cincy -2 vs. VT (1/1)
Ole Miss +4.5 vs. Texas Tech (1/2)

DET +7 vs. NO
SEA +5 vs. NYJ
OAK +7 vs. HOU

Moderate Leans

Wisky +5 vs. FSU (12/27)
NW +12 vs. Mizzou (12/29)
Buffalo +4.5 vs. UConn (1/3)
tOSU +9 vs. Texas (1/5)

JAX +6 vs. IND (Thu.)
NE -9 vs. ARZ
WAS +5 vs. PHL

Weak Leans

So Miss +4.5 vs. Troy (12/21)
Hawaii -1 vs. ND (12/24)
FAU +7 vs. CMU (12/26)
NCSU +8.5 vs. Rutgers (12/29)
Minny +10 vs. Kansas (12/31)
Oregon St -3 vs. Pitt (12/31)
Kentucky +2.5 vs. ECU (1/2)

MIN -3.5 vs. ARZ