Thursday 12/18

I felt like Matchbook was running low on funds, so I put in a few losers for this evening.

Jacksonville +6 -113 2x

This line is actually better than the +5.5 -108 that was also available.

Mississippi State +5 +100 1x

The only things I know about this team is that Hanblow's little brother transferred and that their coach doesn't like the towelheads. I'm sure Cincy will win by 30.


Anonymous said...

i don't know if it's a good or a bad thing that you're betting on miss. st. but ole miss' coach is the one who hates towelheads. All I know is i'm glad I'm a degenerate and not a cabbie.

am19psu said...

For the record, I did bet on Mississippi State and got my games confused. I was a bit hectic because I had fiancee-imposed Christmas shopping to attend. I'm awesome.