Leans NFL Week 9/CFB Week 10

Lots of weird line movement this week on the college side. I'm going to need to re-evaluate these much more closely later in the week. In the NFL, the card looks light again. Two to three plays a week was what I was shooting for at the beginning of the season, and it's worked out fairly well so far, except for Week Freaking Seven.

Definite Plays
8p LaTech +21 vs. Boise (Fri.)
12p Cuse +21.5 @ Pitt
12p Ill +6.5 @ Minny
330p Iowa St +7.5 vs. Okie St
330p Stan +6.5 vs. Ore
8p Neb +5.5 vs. OU

1p WAS +10 @ ATL
1p TB +10 vs. GB

Borderline Contrarian Plays
12p Purdue +6 @ Mich
1230p K-St +2.5 vs. Kansas
130p Colo +3 vs. aTm
8p Ariz St +10 vs. USC

Borderline Volume Plays
2p Wyo +13 vs. BYU
4p SDSU +24.5 vs. TCU
8p SJSU +14 vs. Nev (Sun.)

I expect a few games to slide off this list and a few to get added by Friday. The line movement is such a mind flip.