Leans NFL Week 7/CFB Week 8

This college card is lackluster, but the NFL card is amazing. Vegas mentioned that he thinks this is the best card of the year. I agree with him and might take it a step further in that this is the best pro card I can remember.

Definite Plays
8p Army +10 vs. Rutgers (Fri.)
12p UVa +5.5 vs. GT
2p Baylor +9.5 vs. Okie St
330p Clem +4.5 @ Miami
7p Sparty -1 vs. Iowa

1p KC +4.5 vs. SD
1p STL +13 vs. IND
1p CLE +7 vs. GB
1p TB +14.5 vs. NE
415p MIA +6 vs. NO
835p WAS +7 vs. PHL (Mon.)

  • Rutgers is definitely going to get me back for playing them against Pitt last Friday.
  • Who's kidding who with those Virginia and Baylor lines?
  • I assume the books knew that Clemson lost to Maryland when they set that line.
  • The usual garbage suspects are there on the NFL card.
  • Drew Brees lit up what some consider the best defense in the NFL for almost 50 points last week and they're laying less than a touchdown against Miami. Neat.

Borderline Contrarian Plays
12p UConn +7.5 @ WVU
7p Ole Miss -6.5 vs. Arky

1p PIT -4 vs. MIN
415p DAL -4 vs. ATL
820p ARZ +7 @ NYG

  • I really can't find a whole lot to like about this college card. Neither of those college plays are terribly ugly.
  • I'm not a huge fan of NFL chalk, but Dallas especially looks like a solid look against one loss Atlanta.

Borderline Volume Plays
730p SMU +16.5 @ Hou

  • Are there any other small conference games that I should be watching?

Interestingly, even though their splits are large at Wagerline right now, there isn't a whole lot of action on Arizona State or Vandy right now. I'll look at those two further later in the week.