Leans NFL Week 6/CFB Week 7 Revisited

This college card is dangerous. I like a lot of the borderline plays you see below. I'll be quite content to only play 2 NFL games this weekend.

Definite Plays
12p Okla +3 vs. Tex
12p Pur +13.5 vs. tOSU
1220p Vandy +7.5 vs. UGa
1230p MTSU +4.5 vs. Miss St
330p UCLA +3.5 vs. Cal
330p NC St +2.5 @ BC
330p Fla -24.5 vs. Arky
6p GT +3 vs. VT

405p OAK +14 vs. PHL
830p SD -3.5 vs. DEN (Mon.)

Borderline Contrarian Plays
12p Wisky -2.5 vs. Iowa
330p Neb -10.5 vs. TTech
1015p Ariz St. -6.5 vs. Wash

1p TB +3 vs. CAR
1p WAS -6.5 vs. KC
820p CHI +3.5 @ ATL

Borderline Volume Plays
3p USU +8 vs. Nevada
330p Tulane +17 vs. Houston
6p SDSU +17 vs. BYU
8p SMU +7 vs. Navy