Instant Reactions - Week 1 (Updated)

Next Week: Tulane +23 3x
Next Week: Virginia +3 3x
September 19: Florida State +3.5 5x


After looking at my line guesses for next week, tOSU, Cuse, and Tulane look like sure things, with Oregon and Virginia on the "kinda looks gross" list.


Vegas Watch said...

Where are you seeing Week 2 lines, or are you just making them up? There is some serious demand for the ND-UM number over here.

am19psu said...

Making them up from the numbers this week and the GOY lines. Notre Dame is going to open as a small favorite (3ish), unless yesterday's performance changed the books' opinion of Michigan significantly. I don't think it did given where they had them placed preseason.

am19psu said...

That UVa line is too short. It'll probably be something like UVa +6.

Sham said...

From the Greek

Tulane +18 - fuck us
UVA +11.5
ND -4

am19psu said...

Just checked 5Dimes myself. Some of my line guesses were comically bad, which Moneyline will heckle me for later this week. I'll post more thoughts on your blog, since you put it up first.

Also, left you a nice message on the twitter.