Where the Value Lies - Week 14

The Royals and Tigers are new additions to this week's lists. The Nats, Dbacks, and Tribe are all going to be good options for the forseeable future. I feel like going forward, fading the Tigers and Rangers should be advisable, as well, just based on what I read on the internet.

These numbers are for games through Saturday. July 4th.

1. Tigers +5.2
2. Giants +5.1
3. Astros +4.7
4. Brewers +4.0
5. Rangers +3.7

1. Nationals -10.4
2. Rays -7.8
3. Indians -6.3
4. Diamondbacks -5.8
5. Royals -3.2

I'm adding a new feature this week, that will be expanded going forward. For now, I am going to add the teams that had the largest delta-D3 over the last week. As I save more data, I'll add bi-weekly and monthly deltas as well.

Best Delta-D3 LW
1. Astros +1.8
2. Marlins +1.6
3. Yankees +1.5

Worst Delta-D3 LW
1. Giants -1.5
2. Blue Jays -1.4
3. Red Sox -1.0

I'm not sure these weekly numbers are going to have much value, because the top teams and bottom teams will have likely played each other and because people's opinions won't change a whole lot over the course of a week. Going forward, I expect the bi-weekly and monthly numbers to have a lot more value from a gambling perspective.