Going Dark Again

This has been one of the worst days for me in recent memory. I was supposed to be getting married in Vegas this weekend, but TheFiancee's mom is ill to the point that doctors aren't allowing her to fly (she'll be ok eventually, just not this weekend).

Instead, now it's just me and a good friend heading out to Sin City tomorrow for the weekend, sans TheFiancee. Those of you with your own TheGirlfriend, TheFiancee, or TheWife can imagine how trying today was.

I'll be back on Tuesday with college football futures bets placed at various casinos throughout Vegas.


Walter said...


On the bright side, the nice thing about Vegas weddings is that they are readily changeable, unlike most other weddings.

rolub said...

I know the feeling. I'm 7 weeks away from mine and my mother just got out of the hospital after having a benign growth removed. Keep your priorities in order, and everything will fall into place. Best wishes to your fiance's mother.

Gamblor said...

Seriously dude. Take care of yourself. Have a good time this weekend.