Friday 7/17

I woke up late this morning, but I can't imagine I missed that many games in the leans post this morning. I know that Washington for sure wasn't listed, but there had to be a few more.

705p Washington +133 2x
705p Pittsburgh +138 2x
705p Cleveland +130 2x
710p Toronto -102 2x
735p NYM/ATL o8.5 -116 2x
805p Minnesota +120 2x
810p Baltimore +155 2x
1005p San Diego +143 2x
1005p COL/SD u7.5 -117 2x
1005p Houston +156 2x
1005p Oakland -103 2x

This is a bit out of hand. I'm pretty sure the total EV is about -7x.

Streak for the Cash
705p Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee
Current Streak: 3

I'm pushing an edge that really isn't there with the Reds, but it's mainly because I want to play the boxing over later.


am19psu said...

Naturally, I forgot to put the boxing match in. Going with the Kiwis early tomorrow. Vandevelde is a good option, too, against The Best Cyclist Ever Who Never Doped