Leans 7/17

I was close, 2-4 instead of 1-5.

705p PIT (Maholm) +143 vs. SF (Lincecum)
705p TOR (Romero) -124 vs. BOS (Buchholz)
710p FLA (Nolasco) +112 vs. PHL (Hamels)
805p MIN (Perkins) +112 @ TEX (Padilla)
1005p OAK (Cahill) +109 vs. LAA (Saunders)

And maybe Washington, too, but Pinny doesn't have a line up.

Streak for the Cash
625a Contador vs. Armstrong
230p FC Weiner vs. FC Kartten
Current Streak: 2

Contador is strongly favored over one of my least favorite people in sports. Magna to win later.