Wednesday 5/13 - PM

More players that are overrated. I am shocked - SHOCKED - to see Joe Saunders' name on that list.

705p Pittsburgh +105 2x
805p San Diego +149 2x
805p SD/CHC o11.5 +107 2x
940p CIN/ARZ o9 -117 2x
1005p Oakland -108 2x

The total at Wrigley is comical. If I had to guess, it's thanks to the south-southwesterly wind, which blows out to left field.

105p MIL (Bush) -109 vs. FLA (Johnson)
105p LAD (Billingsley) +116 @ PHL (Hamels)
205p SEA (Hernandez) -104 @ TEX (Harrison)
220p SD (Gaudin) +162 @ CHC (Dempster)

The Dodgers are 1-5 since Manny decided to try to get pregnant. I suppose in an incident like this, public opinion can change quickly.

The early consensus numbers suggest a play on Santana in his first start back from the DL tomorrow. I'm not buying off on it... yet.

Streak for the Cash
7p Washington vs. Pittsburgh
940p Cincinnati @ Arizona
Current Streak: 1

If I can stay awake long enough, I'm looking at the Reds late.

Cincinnati is marginal. They are -129 at Pinny, but slightly public. I don't think it makes up the 12 cents (equal to 2.7% in JA probability), though, to take KC/OAK o4.5 (5 Innings).

Good luck.