Thursday 5/14 - AM

Somehow, I don't think I'll be matching my winning percentage from yesterday for a while.

105p Milwaukee -112 2x
220p San Diego +163 2x

I know Josh Johnson is pretty good, but I don't think the public realizes that Florida = Washington + Hot Start.

705p PIT (Karstens) +107 vs. STL (Boggs)
810p BAL (Guthrie) +122 @ KC (Meche)
1015p SF (Sanchez) +126 vs. NYM (Maine)

The Orioles' line is physically repulsive. Looks like a double.

Streak for the Cash
935a A. Cejka over R. Beem (Texas Open - Front 9)
245p Leeds (win only) vs. Millwall (English League One)
Current Streak: 0

Beem has won a major, but otherwise isn't very good. At the Greek, the three ball line is +125/+185/+245 for Cejka/Beem/Tataurangi. Assuming Tataurangi isn't more likely to beat one of the golfers over the other (why would he be?), it works out to Cejka having a 55% JA chance of beating Beem over the whole round. You can decrease that a little bit, since we're only dealing with the front nine, but still, Cejka is the play.

Leeds, 55.8% JA at 5Dimes, looks like the afternoon play. Good luck.