Tuesday 5/12

Yes, it is the twelfth of the month. Yesterday was the eleventh.

1015p Washington +126 2x
Passes: Balty, A's, Yinzers

I don't really see the angle on Seattle that everyone else does. Fading Tampa doesn't really interest me, considering I think they are underrated. Pittsburgh was the closest pass. If I had more time to look, maybe I'd play it.

1205p CLE (Lee) -148 vs. CHW (Buehrle)
345p WAS (Martis) +132 @ SF (Zito)

Cleveland looks marginal at the moment, but I'm using the Cleveland is underrated idea for the lean. Washington will, of course, be a play.

Streak for the Cash
705p Tampa Bay vs. Baltimore
Current Streak: 0

I'll be on Zimmerman to get to thirty late. Good luck.