Leans 5/11

705p PIT (Duke) +107 vs. STL (Wellemeyer)
805p SD (Peavy) +134 @ CHC (Harden)
1005p OAK (Cahill) -127 vs. KC (Hochevar)
1015p WAS (Zimmermann) +125 @ SF (Cain)

I feel a bit uncomfortable backing Peavy, but the Fathers are a pretty bad team. Otherwise, it's the usual crappy teams with mediocre/unknown/underrated pitchers.

Streak for the Cash
10a Mumbai vs. Kings XI (Indian Premier League - Cricket)
245p Reading (win only) vs. Burnley (English Championship)
Current Streak: 0

This game is -110/-110 at The Greek. I'm only playing it because my streak is at 0. If this is over in time, I'll follow it up with Reading at 245p.


Blake said...

What kind of value do you see in the Zimmerman prop tonight for SFTC? It seems like the best choice on first glance, but I can't back that up with actual facts/numbers to support my hypothesis.

Vegas Watch said...

~75% Blake, if you don't read the RMMB.

Blake said...

Just saw your comment up there after I posted I posted this.

I actually read it (along with all of your guys blogs - ML, all of your stuff, Frank Stalone of course, The Saw, Sports Investments when computers aren't imploding, etc...) religiously. I'm waiting until I collect enough data, learn how to utilize it, and actually know what I'm talking about before attempting to contribute.