Sunday 5/10

I had nice day at Atlantic City yesterday. I played blackjack well and threw a guy completely on tilt in NLHE by reading his bluff with 775 on the board and only AK underneath. I was pleased with myself.

135p Baltimore +136 2x
135p BAL/NYY u9.5 -107 2x
310p Colorado -112 2x
405p Oakland -108 2x
410p Washington +155 2x
410p SF/LAD +117 o8 2x
Passes: Cincy, Minny

The Washington play is marginal. I like Scherzer, but it's not like Olsen has pitched poorly.

Streak for the Cash
335p Los Angeles @ Houston
730p Boston vs. Carolina
Current Streak: 1

It's pretty unlikely that I end up at 4 today, but I think this is the best path to get there: AC Milan-Getzlaf-Boston.

I was ignoring the games that I wouldn't get to in an effort to get to four games played. However, the Lakers and Bruins are too good to pass up, even at a low streak. I guess I should check RMMB before I make my morning posts.

Good luck.


Vegas Watch said...

Rockies didn't even crack the passes list? Not trying to be obnoxious, just think you may have missed that one entirely.

am19psu said...

Apparently, I did. I don't even have them on my initial list from passing through the lines at Pinny. Thanks for the heads up.

Vegas Watch said...

I have a feeling you won't be thanking me in about seven hours.