Saturday 5/2

I'm going to put all of my action in now because I have no idea what the OTB is going to be like today. I'll put a post up tonight detailing what I did and how much money I lost.

105p Washington +126 2x
705p Cincinnati -108 2x
910p Oakland +123 2x

I didn't really have time to get my action filled this morning. With more patience in the Matchbook markets, you'll be able to get better prices than these. Not that it matters when all three of these lose.

Passing all of the totals this afternoon.

Streak for the Cash
120p Tiger Woods lower score than Phil Mickelson (Quail Hollow)
Current Streak: 7

Tiger is -160 at The Greek right now. After juice, I've got him at 58.6% to win. I think that's probably good enough with my streak where it is.

Good luck today.