Monday 5/4

If you get a chance, go check out the recap of the A's/M's game yesterday. What a flipping joke.

705p Washington -141 3x
705p Cleveland +104 2x
815p Philadelphia +123 2x
1005p Colorado -111 2x
1005p Oakland +105 2x
1010p Arizona +135 2x

I debated whether to make the Phils a 3x play, but given my current bankroll, I figured it best to play it conservative.

1235p WAS (Olsen) vs. HOU (Oswalt)
220p SF (Lincecum) -109 @ CHC (Marshall)

I'm surprised the Wagerline numbers aren't there for Padilla. He sucks and Bedard is good. I should rename the blog "That Natinals line is a joke," because every day the oddsmakers keep setting these ridiculous numbers for them. Maybe the books haven't lost enough money on them yet.

Streak for the Cash
7p Washington vs. Pittsburgh
1035p Yao Ming more points + rebounds than Kobe Bryant points
Current Streak: 3

Tonight's streak card is really awful, which I guess means the Streakmaster did a good job. I'll probably try to go with Yao late.

Good luck tonight.