Tuesday 4/14 - PM

This was my best afternoon in a while. I didn't lose a baseball pick and went 2-0 in Streak. Woo.

1005p Oakland +129 2x
Passes: Seattle, Tampa Bay

Seattle seems to be a popular play in the contrarian community tonight. The consensus numbers aren't really there and Silva isn't a very good pitcher (neither is Loux), so I'll just pass and regret it later.

220p COL (Marquis) +194 @ CHC (Harden)
335p OAK (Anderson) -105 vs. BOS (Wakefield)
405p TB (Sonnastine) -104 vs. NYY (Pettitte)

Not a whole lot of surprises on that list. I've been a bit confounded at how little respect the Rays continue to get (against the Sawx and Yanks, of course), but whatever, I'll take it.

Streak for the Cash
8p NYI, COL, or ATL wins 1st overall pick in NHL Draft
1005p Jack Cust more total bases than David Ortiz
Current Streak: 4

The Islanders, Avalanche, or Thrashers have a 49.9% chance of winning the lottery. However, the prop is for winning the first overall pick. Because of the archaic rules of the lottery, these three teams actually have 73% chance of getting the 1st overall pick. This is the new record holder for "Best. Streak. Pick. Ever."

Until VW or ML (or anyone else, for that matter) tell me I'm wrong, I'm leaning Cust for the nightcap.